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Weapons of Mythology - New Age - Betas Schedule and Game FAQ

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Posted 30 August 2016 - 04:59 PM

Hi everyone!


Sorry for not writting about this before but we did not have all the data untill now.


- What platforms will WoM be published to? And when?


Platforms will be: PC - Q4 2016, Steam Q4 2016,  PS4 - Q1-Q2 2017 , Xbox 1 - Q2-Q3 2017. Anyway these dates can always change as we always depend on development schedules.


- When will Closed Betas start for PC?


First closed beta will start inthe first 2 weeks in September. It will be a very limited beta that will only last a few days. Level limit will be 30. There will be a battleground available so everyone can start tasting PvP. There will be also a few dungeons for the PvE on top of open world PvE.


- When will Open Beta Start for PC?


PC Open Beta should start  somewhere between October and November.2016.


- How can I play the CBT1?


There will be 2 ways of getting access to CBT1 : by buying the pre-order or by gathering a beta code from a number of websites and using it when registering at our website, this one for free.


- How can I play the CBT2?


Similar to CBT1, but still we do not know if the codes for CBT1 will be valid for CBT2.


- Will there be wipe after CBTs?


Yes, there will be a wipe after both.


- Will there be a wipe after OBT?


No, transition from OBT to commercial service will be just a maintenance and an annoucement!


- How about pre-order items, when will we receive them?


You will recieve them in your first character when connecting for the first time in OBT.


- Where can I see and buy the pre-orders?


Here https://en.idcgames....ology/preorder





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