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XV Clan Wars

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Posted 21 November 2014 - 05:04 PM

Greetings Ungars from around the world!

A new war approaches, and with it the best warriors of Laar have started to sharpen their weapons and honing their skills. Read the following paragraphs carefully:



START: Friday November 21th at 5AM (GMT+0)
END: Monday December 1st, at 5AM (GMT+0)

IMPORTANT: In this War, THE LEAGUES SYSTEM WILL NOT BE ACTIVE. The positions at the end of the War will not determine access to the Golden League nor relegation to the Silver League.




RETRY DEPLOYMENT – Retrying a deployment will 5 Ounces or 10,000 Imperials for every new attempt.
PROLONG ATTACK – The cost to prologue en attack will be 10 Ounces or 50,000 Imperials.
RETRY BATTLE – The cost to re-enter the battle after being defeated will start at 1 Ounce or 5,000 Imperials, increasing in each new attempt as follows:




1 Ounce or 5,000 Imperials
2 Ounces or 1,000 Imperials
3 Ounces or 15,000 Imperials
4 Ounces or 20,000 Imperials

(*) New attempts during the deployment phase are free.

REPARATION – The cost to repair your city will be start at 250 Imperials, with an increase of 5 Imperials for each new repair point.


1st place
2nd place
3rd place
4th place
5th place
6th place
7th place

2,875 Ounces + Promo Card 
2,000 Ounces
1,450 Ounces
900 Ounces
2,750,000 Imperials
1.500.000 Imperials
750.000 Imperials

Furthermore, in this edition, all participants will receive the Ultra Rare Card "Harlequin"






Those clans holding the 3rd, 5th and 7th postions on the Rankings at November 12th, 2PM (CET) will obtain a random Promo-card


Have a blast on the battlefield, Ungars!

#2 BTC Team

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Posted 21 November 2014 - 05:06 PM

Greetings, Ungars! The time has come. We are in the middle of the Era and during this time we have seen many warriors to sacrifice their lives on the way. That's why, in order to celebrate the XV Clan Wars, those who may need to restore their strenght will receive a special gift.

As previously announced, the following clans will receive a Random Promo-card:


May the spirits of Laar be with you all, Ungars!

#3 BTC Team

BTC Team

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Posted 21 November 2014 - 06:03 PM





Finally, there’s no more blood running in our fields after the end of the war. Those who were lucky enough to survive rest now on their hometowns. The XV Clan Wars came to an end, and it was only then when our historians gathered together.


XV Clan Wars started back on November 7th, at 6AM (CET) in a new map created for the occasion. Only two clans participated on the very first turn: Dies Irae deployed on Remirat, and Kiriko started on Thorn. On the second turn La Hermandad joined them, taking an alternative route for the one chosen by Kiriko. Sombra achieved to deploy as well as Renegados, being this last one the only clan on the left bottom part of the map.


On the night of November 9th the first battles started. Sombra and Kiriko engaged in a conflict which resulted in several cities stolen from Kiriko. The next day two more clans joined the battle: sofos went on the bottom central part of the map, while Hasssassins did the same on the upper left side.


The battle continued while on the right bottom corner of the map La Hermandad fought Kiriko. In the meanwhile, Dies Irae used their superiority to bury away La Hermandad. In a couple of turns the job was done, and Dies Irae started working on Kiriko, expelling them from the map and therefore, giving them the chance to start over. Dies Irae was merciless with La Hermandad, to whom they left with only 1 city, sentencing them to a certain death. Dies Irae wall was impregnable, and they could not release themselves.


At the same time, Koyar Enclave entered the map on the fourth day, and Renegados were doing their job on the left side. OS12345 joined the battle on the fourteenth turn, and castilla did the same thing a turn later.


Once on the middle of the War, Kiriko came back to fight Renegados, and at midday on November 12th, the Special Rewards were announced:




Since that moment on, the superiority of some clans was completely demonstrated: Sombra was cornered by Dies Irae, who finished with them on the next rounds. Hassassins kept a low profile all the War, while Koyar Enclave decided to jump for some more neutral cities, far from the main battle.


On November 14th, 3 days away from the end of the XV Clan Wars, a new clan was born. Their objective was revealed by its name. Justice deployed just behind Kiriko, stealing one city per turn, decided to finish with Dies Irae’s pool of young players. Renegados joined the hunt, recovering a couple of cities after being left only with 1. And that’s how things went after the tough battle:



R=1º & Dies Irae & 6310

R=2º & Kiriko & 5134

R=3º & Koyar Enclave & 2705

R=4º & Renegados & 2817

R=5º & Sombra & 2933

R=6º & La Hermandad & 2012

R=7º & Justice & 948

R=8º & Hassassins & 1185

R=9º & sofos & 551

R=10º & OS12345 & 328

R=11º & castilla & 505

R=12º & Clan Paliza & 105

R=13º & Leones de Élite & 90[/table]


One more time, Dies Irae holds the first position. From our Towers we congratulate the youngest ones for demonstrating their eagerness, and those not-so-young ones who came back to life. We are glad to observe the participation has increased -11 clans achieved to deploy this time.






And as a video sometimes speaks a hundred words, we cannot but remember you about the XV Clan Wars video-summary by Endeux! If you are a lazy Ungar, take a look and enjoy the battle!

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