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First Impressions and Suggestions

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#1 Archtype253



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Posted 13 December 2018 - 07:13 PM

Hello everyone,

first things first, sorry if my english isnt that good, im no native speaker :)

Ok, now i want to say some things about this Game that i REALLY love from the First Moment i started it.
I like the Combination of MOBA and MMORPG, its a nice Idea and a new Take in the MMO-Genre in general.

Artstyle is nice, the Story is good(so far), the different Classes are a Blast to play and im sure, there is a Playstyle for everyone.
The Combat is enjoyable, the Skills have cool Animations(most of them) and the Idea of switching to another Version of it, adds some Strategy and Diversity.

The Marketplace isnt flooded with Items, the Prices are okay and there isnt any P2W(as far i can see). The Realmoney Price for the Shop-Currency is fair,
not too high and can easily paid with Steamwallet(if you play on Steam like me).
The Shopitems vary from XP,-Cron,- and Tokenboosts to Inventory-and Storagespace maxing, Pets that give different Buffs like XP+, more Money and Tokendrop, +X to Stats
and other nice things that arent too powerfull. Its a nice addition but not gamebreaking.

Now i want to make some Suggestions how the Game can be improved. Im not a Gamedesigner, just a Gamer so its a Gamers Perspective.
I dont want to point out all the Things that arent good or even Bad, because i think everyone who plays the Game already knows that, Devs including.
I want to say that i not reached the Endgamecontent yet, so i cant say anything about Raids, PvP etc.

More Tutorials for the already inplemented Functions InGame would be nice. Dont know what to do with Crafting, Skilladdons, Statswapping on Items, how the Stats affect the different Skills(Healskills to name one). Im sure there are more things but they dont come to Mind right now :)

In general, i would like to see a little bit more active Skills to choose from for the Sake of diversity. The Variations are nice, but in the End, they are the same.
For now, i can speak only for the Awakenedskills. A bit more Variation for more Damage or Healing could help. The Skilloptions for the Iron Wall is a good Example.

Instead of Tunneling, make greater Areas with Space to explore,including Stashes/Chests for Loot, More Nodes for Farming or even some Miniquests with Sidebosses.
I dont have any Problem with the Hubs where you can access the next Map via Portal, but dont make them too Big while the Craftingstation is in the North, The Healers in the South and the Vendingmachine in the East. Place them near each other so you dont have to run through the whole map the sell something.

And a really helpful addition would be, if we had in every Questhub access to Mail and Storage. Going back to Dawn Hope every time i get a Mail or want to store something is awfull. Dawn Hope is ok so far, the Craftingstation could have been a bit more nearer to the Center but thats just me i think.

The UI could get some Improvements.
Sorting the Inventory with a single click. Injcreasing the Size of the Inventory(not slots) to get rid of the Scrolling.
A separate Bag/Tab for the Craftingmats would really help(looking at you ESO).
Able to Ping on the Minimap, zooming it in/out with Buttons and the Mousewheel.
The System could save the Last Pet you used, so you dont have to click it every time you log in.
The Affinitywindow could be more simplified for an easier Understanding. But maybe its just me.
An Option/Shopitem for expanding the Accountstorage would be useful, as well as an Function to Store Money for the Account to prevent sending it between Alts.
Some Buffs dont display what they actually do, like "Roar" from the Awakened Bear Pet. That would be helpfull.
A Way to display debuffs(and what they do) that the Enemys get would also helpfull.

More Questdiversity. Not just going in and Kill all. Maybe a Escortmission, Collecting/Farming Items, defending some NPC/Structure and so on.
Different Questrewards beside XP/Cron/Token. Some Healing/MP Stuff, Craftingmats, maybe Gear or some Cash/Tokentickets, Pets, you Name it.

Ok, thats all for now, my Head is empty :D Feel free to Add what i forgot.
Remember, this is a Thread for Suggestions, not Hate and Trolling.

I really like this Game and i want it to Play for a long Time, so Gals and Guys, Plz Support the Devs by spreading the Word or buying something in the Shop like did.
It has great Potential.

See ya on Titan!

p.s.: If someone wants to join me ingame to play together, /whisper Nissa
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#2 dcorleone99



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Posted 08 February 2019 - 02:05 AM

The gameplay shows a lot of potential, I think this game will be a lot of fun.  Problem is, having more than half of the sound effects missing is a deal-breaker.  Is this game officially dead?  Why leave the server up but not post any updates since October of last year?

#3 Lokoas2



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Posted 11 February 2019 - 11:58 PM

be careful saying game is dead might get u banned.

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