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[IDEEA] Propose

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#1 D3m3nTiaL



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Posted 20 March 2017 - 07:19 PM

Hello Zula players and admins etc .. :D


 I have 2 ideeas(with some observations)  to improve this game :


1) Timelapse reward : For example if you play 1 hour you will get 150 ZP , if you play 2 hours you will get 10% more(from the basic 150ZP) =175 ZP and so on . This should be apply ONLY if you are PLAYING on a GAME , not AFK in the MAIN LOOBY .


      I think it's a very good ideea since players who love this game are playing several hours on it (i even support this game by donate monthly 5 euros..it's not much but it's all i have) .. and even I realise that ZP prices are a bit off the map (but this is good because "you should work if you want to have something" .. but a little NERF to prices would be welcome)


     If i really want , i could get daily 10k ZP , but this is very hard to obtain even if you continously play (in game rooms you don't always be top killer , winner etc)  . And if you want an AWP perm , you have to do that for 27 days .. that lowers morale for everyone if you think you need to that daily ... and the COIN prices for a gun are not fair ... 15 EURO for 1 weapon ... this is too expensive ... from those 30.000 COINS you could buy GOLD CASES for customisation and have a chance for a legedary skin or smth else . 




2) Alternate Weekly/Monthly quests ... almost no one wants to go for "Play 50 WANTED games" ... Really ? Let's be serious , those who complete that just FARM with 2 friends in a private game ,and in about few hours they complete it .. this is not healthy ...   Introduce QUESTS such are : Plant/Defuse the bomb 5/10/15  times etc.. 


     And alternatate the rewards as well in terms of other weapons (not just magnum , M6 ) .    




Those are my ideeas , sorry for my bad english , i really don't know well the time of verbs etc.. :)

#2 RubenMachado



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Posted 20 March 2017 - 07:22 PM



ADERE JÁ Portuguese Group

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Posted Yesterday, 06:21 PM


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