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Announcement: Forum and IDCGames rules

Posted by IDC/Games Team

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Welcome to IDC/Games’s Official Forums!

These Forums are designed to find a friendly environment in which you can comment and chat about any aspect related to our games.

These rules reflect the expected behaviour for all Forum users. It is important to emphasize that these rules may not include all not tolerated behaviours. Should this occur, the administrators and moderators have total freedom to mediate any offensive behaviour they see fit.

We reserve the right of access, admission and/or ban for reasons that include all aspects described here, but not necessarily limited to the cases here specified. We also reserve the right to evaluate each case individually.


The following Forum Rules are subject to each game’s Terms and Conditions, and therefore, any condition expressed there may be applied to this Official Forums.
On the Official IDC/Games Forums it’s only allowed one account per person. If you have a problem on your account or you wish to change your nickname, please contact the Administration Team by Private Message.
In no case will insults or lack of respect towards other users be accepted. This includes:
  • Insults, threats or any other offensive behaviour and/ or harassment towards any user
  • Abusive language, due to the fact that these forums are apt for all audiences
  • Bypassing censorship on banned words (using variants thereof, for example)
  • Discrimination towards any user because of religious, gender, nationality, sexuality or other similar matters
In addition to this, criticism to IDC/Games, its partners or collaborators, is not allowed, and will be penalized with account blocks (ban).

Forum users must comply with the respect criteria marked in this rules. Moreover, the following should be taken into consideration:
  • Although the Off-topics forum is a place for conversations not related to the games, certain topics are not allowed in order to avoid conflicts between users. Thus, administrators may close or delete any topics referring to politics, religion, or other similar matters.
  • When writing a message, consider who will be reading it and that all users will be able to read it. Be respectful. And if you want to critique, remember that there is a difference between constructive and destructive criticism, and between criticism and mockery.

Official articles can only be released by moderators, administrators.

The topics are to be published in the appropriate places in the forum.
  • Each sub forum has a brief description that allow users to know which one to use. Note that:A topic located in the wrong place can be deleted or moved without notice
  • Duplicate topics in various parts of the forum will be linked to in the original topic and deleted. Use the search before posting a new topic
  • Any off-topic messages (unrelated to the current subject) may be automatically deleted
  • Titles should be self-explanatory, presenting the content of the message clearly
  • Sending the same message continuously (flood) will be punished
  • Please note that this Forum t is not a place to have conversations of private or personal nature. In case you need anything, please use Private Messages (PMs) Using the Forum for these purposes would be considered SPAM, and Administrations Teams could ban those users who do not follow this rule.
Third party advertising is not permitted nor content that violate the current Laws in those countries in which the game is available. Specifically not allowed:
  • SPAM, pornography, cheats, warez ...Apology for any political ideology, whichever it may be, racism or persecution due to ideology, nationality or religious beliefs
  • Indirect references (links) to said contents
  • Any content that alters the object and purpose of any of the products included in the community of B:TC
If you have any reclamations about in-game payments or bans, please address them to the service’s responsables using our support system

Competitions, tournaments, raffles or any other kind of contest unauthorized by the Administration team won’t be allowed. In addition to this, any activity which result in winning a prize –whether it is inside or outside the game- which has not been authorized by the Administration team will be automatically canceled, and therefore, the thread will be closed.

Accusations against other players, no matter the motive, won’t be allowed. If you think a player is cheating (multi account, exploit…) please contact Official Team members by PM. You can also send the report by the support system


Messages must be written without altering the standard format of the forum, except invery specific cases to be determined by the moderator. Considerations:
  • Writing in CAPITALS on the internet is equivalent to shouting. Posts written entirely in capital letters are not allowed and may be deleted without notice.
  • Grammatical rules must be respected.
  • Messages with misspellings are not allowed, as they are difficult to read. Administrators and moderators may warn the user of this fault, and if behaviour persists, the messages can be deleted without notice.
  • SMS style writing is also not allowed. IDC/Games forums rnt txt msgs, so please write correctly and include all the letters.
  • Emoticons are not allowed in topic titles.
  • “Double posts” are not allowed. The edit button should be put in use.
  • Each forum is given an official language in the initial index. By entering and participating in a forum users agree to its official language, so messages will not be accepted in other languages.
  • Try not to use words in other languages, since other users may not understand. If they ask you to explain, please do so as soon as you can to facilitate the relationship.
  • Users should respect and cooperate fully with the moderators.
  • Users should be polite and be respectful towards moderators.
  • It is mandatory to follow the moderators’ instructions always.
  • If you want to send us your opinion about the running of the game or forum, you may do so through the appropriate means, but in no case will destructive criticism be allowed.

Breaking the Forum rules may lead to a sanction, which could vary depending on the seriousness of the fault and the insistence on the punished behavior.

The Administration team might warn users in order to notify an un-desirable behavior. In case of insisting on breaking the rules, users might be banned without prior notice for as long as the Administration Team consider necessary.

If an user break the Forum rules, he might be banned (expelled) temporarily or permanently.

If a thread doesn’t honor the Forum rules or it’s becoming a non-constructive discussion –and therefore, altering the Forum’s purpose and atmosphere- it might be closed in order to end the conflict.