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#20806 Beta problems

Posted by MarioSama on 09 May 2016 - 08:15 AM

Hello, as a old player I would like to appoint some of the major bugs/issues/problems i found in the game.


Europe server means all the contries from Europe are allowed to play and talk their own language, even tought i type a phrase w/o bad words in English sometimes the Censor wont let me type it, can't even type "game"! Censor should be removed or at least reworked to block ONLY English bad words.



Its working so far, at least i don't see cheaters in Co-op or PVP mode, but, ALOT of people are getting their account blocked for no reason, for exemple, some days ago, I wanted to record some games to make a video, I used this software called Mirillis Action and my account got blocked for some hours and got unblocked after I sent ticket. Many people got blocked and they don't even know why, they can't even make another account or they will get blocked again for no reason.


PVP Grade and K/D W/L 

The game FOR NOW its populated by few people, most of them farm and play Mission/Co-op but not PVP, wich gets me kinda mad. 

Back in Aeriagames Metal Assault people used to play PVP not just to have fun but because they had a goal wich was to reach the hightest PVP Grade Rank, i see no reason to remove it, i'm sure by getting it back people will start playing PVP again.

You introduce "deserter" thing so people will not leave because of their bad K/D stats yet you removed the K/D showing in profile info?!


Missing Mission Maps.

I don't see any reason to remove contents of the game that makes it better, why would you remove 2 maps from Mission mode?


Honor Shop, Shop License, Personal Storage.

Honor shop isn't a big deal  but would be cool to have it back.

Shop license its a really big deal, now the only way for people to sell their items is by putting them in Item Board wich has a % interests and you can only place 7 items, it gets time for people to buy them because the item board its full. So basically to sell your items in game you must use real money? I'm sorry but this is a bit retarded
Put shop licenses in market for a bigger price instead...

Where did personal storage go? I'm sure lot of people drop/destroy their item because they have no space in the inventory. 
We have to destroy our items because we have no space, we can't make a shop because you removed shop licenses, not enough space in the board to place all our items for sale...this makes no sense


This should make the game much better for everyone 


Thanks for your time

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#42527 Screenshot Contest

Posted by Bulgar_war on 24 January 2018 - 10:54 PM

This is my best skins

Attached Thumbnails

  • Zula-01-24-2018 23-31-09-960.jpg
  • Zula-01-24-2018 23-29-18-863.jpg
  • Zula-01-24-2018 23-28-28-728.jpg

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#42372 Screenshot Contest

Posted by MarshallToni on 20 January 2018 - 07:50 PM

Hello Zula Europe!
Here I am also doing my paintings so I hope you will have fun as well, because I've been struggling!


MPT-76 Image edited by me:

Image with text:
Effect Image:
Common image:


P90 Image edited by me:

Common image:



All the pictures are the same as some have been taken in Photoshop and some are not! :D
My account in Zula Europe is: MarshallToni

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#5347 Something to improve your mood

Posted by Krognal on 25 June 2015 - 01:00 PM



Now i can burn in IDC hell.

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#42370 Screenshot Contest

Posted by MattDC on 20 January 2018 - 07:37 PM

Yes, it really happened :D



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#372 Friend/Gobernor

Posted by ENEMISTAO on 05 January 2015 - 01:30 PM




Do you need gobernors in your island?


Write here your email!




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#42577 Screenshot Contest

Posted by .Creepy. on 25 January 2018 - 11:33 PM

Hello its my screen!

My account in Zula Europe is |Creepy| give me a prize? 



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#42392 Screenshot Contest

Posted by Empire3 on 21 January 2018 - 09:10 PM

hahaha is he Ronaldo with a fake makeup on?!?   o_O    ; D


Ingame Name is Glitchy3    


I hope you like it    



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#42356 Screenshot Contest

Posted by KoLEO on 20 January 2018 - 10:53 AM

When you lose and want to throw your gun in garbage :D :D :D

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#42304 Screenshot Contest

Posted by Mjölnir on 19 January 2018 - 12:29 PM


Hello everyone!

We bring you a new contest! This time you must get the most original Screenshot and upload it in this post.

You have until January 26 at 23:59 (CET) to upload your Screenshots. The 10 Screenshots with more Likes (in the forum post itself) will go to the last selection, which we will do ourselves.

Users who upload the top 5 Screenshots will receive 5,000 Zula Gold.

See you on the battlefield!

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#17985 Let's cheer up Metal Assault IDC TEAM!

Posted by LluAegis on 08 March 2016 - 04:10 PM

Hello everyone, i decided to create this thread to cheer up the Metal Assault IDC Team, sure we all got a bit sad when we knew the EU version would only get released later after the NA version, but we need to show our STRENGHT aswell and SUPPORT!


I invite everyone that is going to play to leave a message here so all IDC MA team can see and get positive energy!




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#5095 ¡Comienza la XXIII Guerra de Clanes!

Posted by laray on 22 June 2015 - 11:41 AM

Me quedo anonadado con los cambios que se han producido en la GdC :o y tengo que decir que no me gustan un pelo, si os creéis que nos vamos a levantar a las 6 de la mañana a declarar durante 20 días o que vamos a estar pendientes durante ese tiempo de hacer los ataques para ganar una miseria de coronas o lo que es peor de escudos (que es lo que ganaremos la mayoría) o lo que es incluso peor NADA de NADA me parece que estáis equivocados, yo por mi parte ni de blas y mucho menos en verano, por no hablar de que con estos cambios aumentaran las diferencias entre clanes pero bueno ... vosotros veréis lo que hacéis.


Un saludo.

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#42364 Screenshot Contest

Posted by markot2 on 20 January 2018 - 01:37 PM

1. Image:
2. Image:
Zula Nickname: destroyer25
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#42357 Screenshot Contest

Posted by MattDC on 20 January 2018 - 11:04 AM

Point of view



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#20814 Beta problems

Posted by KoalasDream4 on 09 May 2016 - 08:43 AM

First off i agree to the things said i want to say that it is great that MA is back. But there are alot of problems right now.


OFC the chat filter is annoying and we dont have enough content overall.


My biggest problem however is how PVP does not reward players enough. At this point there is barely a reason for players to PvP since Coop gives more items and more EXP. You do not need to play it to be able to play with better or new weapons. I miss the big red star as reward too. there are alot of was  you could make PVP more rewarding. One way would be bringing license and the Star back. You could also change the EXP system in a way where u get more exp from PVP then from Coop so that Coop is not the way to go for almost every single aspect. Or give more PVP drops on achieving good scores, multiple wins in a row or stuff like that. Alot of people are really bad  at PVP at this point, especially new players and they have no way to improve without PVP rooms. In Aeria Games Version i was a player who played PVP almost exclusively which was easy since  there were at least 15 PVP rooms going all day long.


Some minor complaints of mine are for example how you have to pay money to sell items or to unlock even hotkeys which u need in order to PVP effectively. Also why the hell does it cost 50k to put a Mod on a gun or 20k to remove one?????

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Posted by snow on 08 July 2015 - 04:25 PM

Hola Ungar:

¿Por qué motivo has recibido esa carta 27 días seguidos?


esta pregunta va en serio?

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#5092 ¡Comienza la XXIII Guerra de Clanes!

Posted by Panchooo on 22 June 2015 - 11:37 AM

Varias cosas:


1. La escaramuza se la han tragado las fuerzas oscuras

2. ¿Del viernes 26 de junio al 16 de julio? :huh:  Entiendo que haya vacaciones (en teoria podria ser tiempo de más actividad), pero si ya me parece larga, sobretodo si te tienes que levantar a declarar ataques, una guerra de 10 dias, una de 20 dias ni te cuento, yujuuuu salto de alegria.

3. Premios: Aparte de que han bajado considerablemente los premios en coronas, por arriba se echa de menos la carta "especial", y por abajo, los 6 y 7º, son paupérrimos, y desmoralizante ¿me voy a gastar en reintentos para conseguir un premio que lo puedo conseguir por 3000 escudos o 9000 escudos?

4. El "Importante". Puedo entender en cierta medida el por que, pero la forma de prueba no es coherente, uno porque tenemos que ser los players los que cojamos por si acaso un pantallazo, cosa inutil si el premio a reclamar es en escudos, porque durante la guerra y más en la liga oro al estar limitado los reintentos, uno al día lo maximo que gasta son 210.000 escudos, y hay jugadores que en esas circunstancias ahorran escudos de tal manera que al final de la guerra pueden tener más de con lo que empezaron. Creo que os sería más sencillo hacer una imagen del servidor o copia de seguridad y compararla con la que tuviera o mirar los logs de los players.

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#33809 New Features Suggestions ... What do you want to see in Zula?

Posted by NRForce-AK187- on 31 May 2017 - 11:07 AM

Hello dear IDC team and Zula players, Here are my top 10 improvements for the best FPS game eva


1. Fix the lagging problems that evryone is having for example, getting shot behind walls etc


2. Fix the first close fight lagg wenn u just joined the first round


3. It would be nice to have C4,claymores etc in the bonus section


4. Make all maps playable in every game type ( if not plz add more maps to the game)


5.Gungame selection mode in Deathmatch or in wanted would be also great


6. I saw a few videos on youtube with mutch better skins and some kind of card deck recycle system we want that aswell


7. Abaut the missions every week and month we always get the same quests 100 Shotgun kills, 250 shotgun kills and 50 wanted games plz add somthing els 


8. It would also be nice to improve all the missions rewards for daily 100mats, weekly 500mats and monthly 1000mats ofc with 2 -5 more extra quests


9. Also the ingame invite system needs to be improved wenn we in a clan war we cant invite other members bec not all use teamspeak or steam


10. And the last thing i would like to have (well not just me i guess) is a proper Kill cam and ofc Game winning Kill cam that would be great



sry for my bad english

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#7862 Adios a Berserk

Posted by Joker89 on 23 August 2015 - 03:50 PM

Alguien mas se da cuenta del absurdo de todo esto?


La primera regla de un juego es que las normas, sean claras, publicas, que todo el mundo las entienda y se cumplan...


Y aqui resulta que la norma es "la clasificacion ha quedado asi"... flipante vamos.


Igual en la proxima desciende el que más puntos saque porque "la clasificación queda asi".


Se peude hacer, mal, muy mal o lo siguiente... y me parece que en este caso estamos en lo siguiente.




Estoy de acuerdo, y me imagino que el resto de jugadores piensan lo mismo. Últimamente hay muchísima tensión entre empresa-cliente (responsables del juego-jugadores) y desde luego situaciones como esta no ayudan nada... En fin, una pena.


Por otro lado, me gustaría decir que, es la primera vez, en todos los juegos online en que he participado (que no son pocos), en el que los jugadores se ponen todos (bueno, casi todos) de acuerdo para protestar. Me parece algo muy digno y remarcable, vaya.

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#45223 please go back to the old

Posted by powerpower0 on 23 May 2018 - 12:42 PM

The prices of Zp weapons are very expensive and we can not get unlimited weapons with zp. I quit the game but when the game returns to its former state I will start playing again

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